Dinner Combination
All items served with egg drop, wonton or hot & sour soup, egg roll, and rice.
Lo Mein (chicken, beef, shrimp or roast pork, not including rice) 10.49
Fried Rice (chicken, beef, shrimp or roast pork) 10.49
Chow Mein (chicken, beef, shrimp or roast pork) 10.49
Sweet & Sour (chicken or pork) 10.49
Broccoli with (chicken, beef, shrimp or roast pork) 10.49
Vegetable with (chicken, beef, shrimp or roast pork) 10.49
Pepper Steak or Chicken 10.49
Moo Goo Gai Pan 10.49
Chicken or Shrimp with Cashew Nuts 10.49
Vegetable Delight 10.49
To Fu with Vegetable 10.49
Fried Chicken Wings (6) 10.49
Sesame Chicken 10.49
Hunan (chicken, beef, shrimp or roast pork) 10.49
Kung Pao Chicken or Shrimp 10.49
Sha Cha Beef or Chicken 10.49
General Tso's Chicken 10.49

11 Kung Pao Shrimp & Calamari 13.49
Shrimp and calamari with pepper,onion, mushroom and peanuts blended with soy ginger sauce.
12 ChongQing Chili Chicken 13.49
Lightly crispy chicken stir fried with red hot chili pepper.
13 Mongolian Four Seasons 13.49
Shrimp, chicken brease, beef and roast pork all stir-fried with onion and green onion in chef's specail spicy sauce for a smoky flavor.
14 Seafood and Tofu Hot Pot 13.99
15 Shredded Pork with Sweet Bean Sauce (with 4 pancakes, not including rice.) 14.99
A well-known traditional Beijing specialty which is made with lean pork in sweet bean sauce and green onion on the top.
16 Duck Vegetable 15.49
Delicious duck with mixed vegetable in ginger brown sauce.
17 Mongolian Duck 15.49
Sliced duck stir-fried with mushroom and onion in a smoky hot work with chef's special sauce.
18 Salt & Pepper Fried Fish  15.49
19 Salt & Pepper Fried Shrimp 15.49
20 Spicy & Pepper Fried Fish 15.49
21 Spicy & Pepper Fried Shrimp 15.49

22 Honey Pecan Shrimp 15.49
Crispy battered shrimp tossed in creamy sauce topped with suger coated pecans and surrounded with steamed broccoli.
23 Seafood Delight 15.99
Shrimp, crab meat, scallops and lobster tail infused with light ginger white wine sauce.

Chef Choices (w. Steamed of Fried Rice)
1 Shrimp & Chicken with Vegetable in Hot Garlic Sauce 12.49
2 Golden Crispy Chicken 12.49
Crispy fried chicken breast on top of mixed fresh vegetable.
3 San Shan Noodles 12.49
Stir-fried chicken, beef and shrimp with vegetable on top of crispy egg noodles.
4 Kung Pao Triple Delight 12.49
Chicken, roast pork and shrimp with pepper, onion, mushroom and peanuts blended with soy ginger sauce.
5 Hunan Triple Delight 12.49
Shrimp, beef and chicken with broccoli, water chestnuts, onion, carrots, napa, and baby corn joined in spicy brown sauce.
6 Beef & Scallops 13.49
Sliced beef with fresh scallops with mushroom, snow peas, broccoli and carrots in ginger soy sauce.
7 Shrimp & Chicken with String Beans 13.49
8 Happy Family 13.49
Fresh garden vegetables along with shrimp, beef, chicken and roast pork blended with soy ginger sauce.
9 Double Happiness 13.49
General Tso's chicken combined with shrimp with vegetable separated by fresh oranges.
10 Shrimp & Scallops 13.49
Shrimp and scallops with water chestnuts, mushroom, baby corn, snow peas and napa in light white sauce.